Glass Prison (Feature Film)



Bill Olberst Jr.


Bill Oberst Jr. has been a working actor for 15 years. His stage recreation of the teachings of Jesus Of Nazareth played to over 900 venues, and his portrayal of John F. Kennedy in the stage play JFK toured to 20 states and the Kennedy Library. His film and TV appearances include Fox Searchlight’s THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, HBO’s TRUE BLOOD, an award-winning performance as General W.T.Sherman in The History Channel’s SHERMAN’S MARCH, as well as a lead role in The Hallmark Channel’s made-for-TV movie THE SHUNNING, directed by Michael Landon, Jr

Jonathan Townsager


Jonathan Townsager has been an actor his whole life.  He caught the bug doing plays in elementary school and has loved entertaining people ever since.  After earning a degree in Theatre from Western Illinois University, Jonathan toured with the Missoula Children’s Theatre performing adaptations of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty for thousands of poeple across the country.  From there he moved to the great city of Chicago and worked with a number of theater companies including Collaboraction, The Right Brain project, and The Irish Repertory Theatre.  After hearing from the casting director of Steppenwolf, that Chicago was in no way a stepping stone to LA, he moved out to the West coast and continued his career there.  Jonathan mostly focuses his energy towards film making and has written and directed a few pieces of his own(keep an eye out on the circuit for The Blogger, or Trick-or-Treat), but he can’t seem to stay totally away from the live energy of the stage.  Jonathan performs weekly at the IO West theater in Hollywood doing improv comedy and makin’ people laugh.

Lauren Brice Crawford


Lauren Brice Crawford was born on February 20, 1985 in Greensboro North Carolina. She grew up in Acworth Georgia a small town outside of Atlanta. Even at a young age entertaining family, friends and complete strangers was what she did best. At age 6 she began taking dance classes continuing through her high school years including jazz, tap, pointe, ballet, lyrical, modern and hip-hop. Along with dance came a passion for music. Singing has always been  one of her main loves and still is important today. Forgetting about the arts for a while she went to a University in Georgia on a cheerleading scholarship.  After graduating college Lauren could not shake off a passion and desire for the arts. She then made her move to Wilmington North Carolina where she truly started to learn the craft of film and television, delighting in a chance to work on One Tree Hill. She lived there just over a year and fell in love with the method of acting. Wanting to move to the Big Apple and be on broadway was always the plan, but Hollywood called. She moved to LA in November of 2009 to study the craft of film. Since arriving in Los Angeles she has performed stand- up at the Comedy Store, booked a supporting role in a Michael Madsen film, and worked on a couple independent projects. She is currently studying at Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studio and is growing and developing her technique and craft. Great things to come from this Georgia peach!

  1. I’m proud to be associated with THE GLASS PRISON. The moment I finished reading Ryan Powell’s script I wanted to play James. Ryan is one to watch. I’m honored to work with him and with producer Ovidio Jiminez.

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